The Brand

“Dreams without goals remain dreams, just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to achievement, cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency. Between goals and achievements are discipline and consistency. I pray that you all put your shoes way under the bed at night, so that you gotta get on your knees in the morning to find them. And while you’re down there, thank God for grace, mercy and understanding.” – Denzel Washington

Artist + Designer + Photographer + Director

Washington DC native, Joseph ‘Holla’ Long, is an artist who embraces a ‘No Days Off’ work ethic and a creative lifestyle. He also the creator of the Holla brand, which consists of: Hollagraphy, Holla Definition, and Holla Fashions. Holla is also a designer/photographer for urban retailers, DTLR and Villa, and entertainment publication, Twenty4Seven Magazine.

Holla Fashions

Driven by creativity, individuality and ambition, Holla Fashions is a lifestyle brand that was established in 1999 by D.C. native, Joseph ‘Holla’ Long. HF embraces originality and hard work. Heavily influenced by art and music, the brand was developed to connect deeply with a broad array of people to influence the development of individuality and creativity.


Photographer, Holla, shows how he sees the world through the lens of his camera by focusing on the feeling of the moment, not just the visually pleasing esthetics. From weddings to branding shoots, Hollagraphy gives you photography from an artist’s perspective. Project 365: A Journey with Holla (2012), and Project 365: Holla’s Thoughts (2016-2017) are two very popular photography projects from Hollagraphy, as they show the day-to-day growth of the artist.

Holla Definition

After years of art, design, and photography, Holla decided to expand into film. In late 2010, after getting his first video camera, Holla began shooting short films, music videos, weddings and events. Holla Definition has achieved viral success with the Forever Duncan love story video, that reached over 25+ million views in less than a month. #ForeverDuncan was featured on Good Morning America, T.D. Jakes Show, Good Day DC, Fox 5 News, The View, Essence, and more.